Why A Ribbon Dish Scrubbie Is The Best Green-Yellow Sponge Alternative

Every single household across the world has some impact on the environment via the actions and choices they make. Some of us make a massive effort to reduce single-use plastics and other dangerous items from our lifestyles to help protect the planet, while others do their best where it is most convenient. While many of […]

How To Clean Dishwasher With Vinegar

We can spend so much time loading and unloading our appliances that clean for us that we forget about cleaning them out too. Dishwashers are a good example. We see all the water and cleaning fluid running through them and don’t consider the importance of a good cleaning cycle. A frequently recommended option here is […]

Choosing Between Different Types of Scrubbers For Cleaning Dishes

We can’t get clean while washing dishes by hand without some scrubber to work on dirt and grime. Over the years, companies have trialed various materials and designs to help homeowners improve their experience. But, we are left debating the best choice: dish sponge vs. brush vs. cloth vs. silicone scrubber vs. ribbon scrubbie. There […]

How To Find The Best Natural Dish Soap To Go With Your Scrubbie

Good dish soap can make all the difference when cleaning your dishes by hand. As you will see in our guide on choosing the best type of dish scrubbers, the material and shape play a part. But you still need those active ingredients to cut through the dirt, leave a nice shine, and smell good. […]

Dishwasher vs. Handwashing Dishes: Which Is Right For You?

There has long been an argument over whether it is better to wash your dishes by hand or to put them in a dishwasher. Advocates for handwashing will say that it is an easier option, especially if there is a small load. Those that love their dishwasher will highlight misconceptions about energy and water use. […]