Ribbon dish scrubbies

If you use a sponge in your house, you might as well use chicken to clean.

-A Wise Lady





No more old smelly sponge! Dry fast and no mildew build-up.


Easy on surface


Non-scratching, easy the surface, but tough on dirty.


Less soap, more foam


Layers of ribbon and Swedish dishcloth in the middle hold soap longer.


Long lasting


Reusable, surprisingly durable.
Last more than 6 months.

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Machine Washable


Very easy to keep fresh and clean.


What people say


1: It has many layers of fabric ribbon which catches food off of dishes easily.
2: Ribbon and Swedish dishcloth inside allow it to retain soap longer and makes foam so you need less soap than a  regular sponge.
3: Machine washable, dries fast, no build-up slimy residue, therefore it does not smell like an old sponge.
4: It lasts a long time, no need to buy a new sponge constantly.
5: Environmentally friendly.
6: It’s cute and makes a great gift for anybody!

Yes! I recommend wash in a cold cycle and hang dry weekly.
Please separate it from white just in case.

Technically yes. But, I don’t recommend that. A dishwasher is too hot for ribbon. It’s possible to damage scrubbie.

Peony collection : Appx 5.5 inch (14cm) in diameter, 1 inch (2.5cm) thickness
Carnation collection : Appx 5 inch (13cm) in diameter, 0.5 inch (1.5cm) thickness

Peony collection : Semi hard, material ribbon is 1.5 inch (4cm) wide.
Carnation collection : Hard texture, material ribbon is 0.7 inch (2cm) wide.

Use just like any dish scrubber. 
Yes, it is safe for pots and pans.
It is also safe for other kitchen utensils, sink, bathroom, floor, tile, glass, etc.

Introducing ribbon dish scrubbies


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