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Made to last

Introducing ribbon scrubbies

Quality over quantity

We make dish scrubbies with fabric ribbon and a Swedish dishcloth.
Carefully crafted by hands, made by a housewife/mother.
Hoping to make dish washing task a bit easier with our products.

Machine washable

Definitely, worth the price.

It doesn't fall apart like a regular kitchen sponge. It dries well, the frills fit in any hard to reach surface. It costs more initially, but it has been holding up pretty good after everyday use.


I would recommend to anyone

Very easy to keep clean and fresh.


Nicely made and sturdy

Scrubbies works great. It can be washed often and it really holds up. Great product.


Easy to wash every corner

Washes well, and very cute design. Nice and strong quality, firm enough to get a lot of stains out.

Valued customer

I couldn't tell that it is a sponge

Despite the cute appearance, it lather well with dish soap, and is easy to clean pans because of its shape.


About Ohanacrats

Ohana means "flower", crats means "supporter.
If you like flowery stuff, you are a ohanacrat too.

My favorite flower is the hydrangea. What's yours?

Ohanacrats is a home-based small handmade business in Va, USA.
Operated by a housewife/mother of two.

I hope my product can help with your beef with old-ugly-stinky dish sponges.

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