Here's the best alternative for your healthier home


  • Hygiene & Odorless

    You can wash and sanitize it after every use to prevent foul odor and germ accumulation.

  • Scratch Free

    Safe for most surfaces in your kitchen, appliances, and more.

  • Reusable

    Washing machine and dishwasher safe. Just toss it in to your dishwasher along with dishes.

  • Long-lasting & Save money

    It last more than 6 months, no need to keep replacing your sponge every week.

hygiene, clean kitchen

Customer's Voice

"Worth the price"
It doesn't fall apart like a regular sponge. It cost more initially but definitely worth the price.

"Recommend to anyone"
If you use a regular sponge, you might as well use chicken to clean your kitchen.

"Hold up well"
It washes well and easy to keep it fresh and clean.