Peony collection

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The Signature Collection of Ribbon Scrubbies is the perfect addition to any home!
The heaps of layers are reminiscent of a beautiful peony.
The thick layers will retain soap for longer so you can wash more in less time!

✿Semi-hard, frilled lace ribbon. Not too hard, not too soft texture.

size : appx 13 - 14 cm (5.5 inches) diameter, 2.5cm (1 inch) thickness.

✿How to care: machine wash or hand wash in cold water and air dry.
For sanitizing, soak the scrubbie in vinegar for few hours prior to wash.
(I do not recommend putting it in a dishwasher, the high-temperature water may cause damage to the scrubbie.)

✿This makes your dish cleaning more pleasant. Safe for most surfaces like stainless, Tupper ware, cast iron, coated pans, glass, porcelain, plastic, etc.  Also, it is an all-purpose scrubber for kitchen counter, stovetop, microwave, shower, bathroom, tubs, floor, wall, tiles, etc.

✿It makes a great gift for anybody, anytime.  Mothers day, housewarming gift, Christmas, for those who are obsessed with cleaning, etc. Great stocking stuffer too.