About Us

Colorful and valuable goods to make your kitchen life breezy.

Hello! Ohanacrats is a small handmade shop in Virginia.

Our goal is to make kind products for you and our environment that is also colorful and cheerful.

We carefully handcraft all products with quality materials to ensure their best performance and durability.

And we hope our products help your kitchen life more fun and cheerful.

About Us
ohanacrats ribbon dish scrubbies



6341 St Timothys Ln, Centreville, VA
info@ohanacrats.com   571-308-9013
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Phone support and shipping hours
  Monday - Friday
  10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Closed on the holidays:
  •  New Years Weekend
  •  Martin Luther King Day
  •  Presidents Day
  •  Fourth of July Weekend
  •  Labor Day Weekend
  •  Columbus Day
  •  Veteran's Day
  •  Thanksgiving Weekend
  •  Christmas Weekend



About Us

Hi, my name is Ayu. I'm from Japan and am a housewife and mother of two (and two cats).

I love flowers and plants even though I don't have a green thumb.
And I love watercolor, boho vibes, neutral style, and just about anything colorful, cute, and sparkles.

I love making dish scrubbies with ribbon because I believe it is better than the regular green-yellow sponge that we have been blindly using for years.

Also, I love collecting fabrics. I'm obsessed with them.
I think the sewing machine, the camera, and the fabric is the best human invention. How can people think of this and make it in real life? Thank you, geniuses!!

Anyway, I hope my creation will reflect your beautiful colors and add a fun and joyful feeling to your home!

Good day,