How To Get A Clean Kitchen With Lemon

It is always a good idea to find some cleaning hacks where you can either save money or reduce your reliance on chemicals in your kitchen. A great example of both a natural and affordable solution is lemon juice. So, why is lemon so helpful, and how can you get a clean kitchen with lemon?

Why is lemon such a good choice for cleaning your kitchen?

Lemon is a familiar scent in cleaning products, and you may have dish soap or floor cleaner with a lemon aroma. There is a psychological effect where we associate it with freshness. So, even if we use a product or spray it poorly, it still smells like we did a good job. Cleaning with real lemon juice gives us a more natural lemon scent with a more effective cleaning liquid. It is also a very accessible and affordable option. Buy a pack, keep them in the fruit bowl, and cut or squeeze them as needed.

The effect of lemon as a cleaning product comes from the fact that this powerful citric acid is also antibacterial and antiseptic. It is also a natural bleach. This means you can put the juice on dirty counters and other areas, wipe it away, and take up a lot of dirt and bacteria. The surface should then be brilliantly clean and safe to use.

Cleaning your kitchen counters with lemon.

This first little lemon cleaning hack is one of the easiest to set up and something you can use regularly. All you need to do is squeeze three tablespoons of lemon juice into a spray bottle, top it up with water, and ensure that you have a secure trigger nozzle. Then, you can spray the solution onto your counters and wipe them down. It is an excellent alternative to a chemical spray or disposable cleaning wipes.

Cleaning your microwave or oven with lemon.

This next option is an excellent idea for those who hate cleaning out the oven – especially if there is a lot of built-up dirt. steam cleaning an oven is an excellent trick for lifting dirt and making it easier to wipe down. When you add lemon, you get an extra kick and those antibacterial properties. Just fill an oven-safe dish with water, put it on the bottom of the appliance, squeeze the juice of a couple of lemons into a bowl, and turn the oven on. From there, watch out for the water starting to boil. When this happens, turn the oven off so steam can circulate in the chamber. You can then wipe it all down once cool. You can also use the lemon spray as a degreaser on the oven door and stovetop.

This method is also great for cleaning a microwave. Again, the steam and lemon make short work of stubborn food, like burnt cheese. Use a quick minute setting for great results.

Cleaning your fridge with lemon.

Here, you can use the same lemon spray to wipe down the fridge’s inside. This should deal with any dirt or bacteria left by any aging food. You can also leave slices of lemon in there to soak up scents if something did go wrong or there were strong-smelling leftovers one night.

Cleaning your sink with lemon.

Finally, there is the option of cleaning your sink with lemon. This is a little more difficult; some say it helps to sprinkle salt on the surface for better abrasion. Then, cut a lemon in half, rub the pieces down the sides and bottom of the sink, and then rinse. A possible bonus here is that lemon can dissolve rust on stainless steel.

Should you make the switch to lemon?

In short, you could find that lemon is the ideal addition to your cleaning arsenal for many reasons. The natural juice is surprisingly effective for dealing with dirt and germs on all kinds of surfaces, you can adapt the lemon halves further for a decent clean, and you get a lovely scent at the end of the process. Give it a try and see how you can get a clean kitchen with lemon.

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