How Often Should You Change Your Kitchen Sponge?

How Often Should You Change Your Kitchen Sponge?

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Do you remember when was the last time you changed your kitchen sponge?

You might have heard that the kitchen sponge is the dirtiest object in your home. Even more than the toilet! Eww!

The researchers say to clean your sponge after each use and replace weekly basis.

How much does your sponge cost?
Probably very cheap especially if you buy them in bulk.
But that's a lot of sponges to throw away.

Let's say you replaced a $1 sponge every week for six months.

6 months is 26 weeks, so you would spend $26 in 6 months.
($52 in a year!)

regular sponge cost in 6 months

Our ribbon scrubbie costs average $13.99 per, sounds too expensive compare to a $1 sponge, right?

Ribbon scrubbies are durable, reusable, and they last more than 6 months.

Now, let's think.

cost comparison with regular sponge and ribbon scrubbie

$26 vs $13.99.

Initially, our scrubbie cost more, but it will save you money in the long run. Plus, less trash for our planet!

Let's keep our planet clean too.

how often should you change your kitchen sponge