Why Ribbon Scrubbies Are The Best Odor-Free Dish Scrubbers

Why Ribbon Scrubbies Are The Best Odor-Free Dish Scrubbers

A good set of dish scrubbers will always make the chore of daily dishes less of a hassle.
We want something that will handle the task with ease by foaming up well and removing dirt and food without much effort.

Ideally, those scrubbies will also be odor-free as they wash out and dry off with ease.
Also, the longer they can last, the better. This can all sound like a lot to ask for.

So, when can you expect from some of the best odor-free dish scrubbers, and why are Ohanacrats Ribbon Scrubbies so effective?

3 of the best scrubbers from other brands in 2021.

1) Olivia tree 5PCS Innovative Dish Washing Net Cloths 

Why Ribbon Scrubbies Are The Best Odor-Free Dish Scrubbers

Products such as these loose-weave net cloths will always appeal to buyers because they look like a step up from a traditional dishcloth.

The holes between the fibers of this polypropylene net allow food particles to pass through and should make it easier for users to clean and reuse them.
It isn’t clear how effective they are as an odor-free solution. But, there are some great comments about the impact on pots and pans.

The biggest problem here is that they don’t appear to keep their structural integrity.
Some users talk about the material shrinking, which makes those holes far less effective for foam production and hygiene.

Some also find they unravel a little bit. This all suggests that these brightly colored clothes may not last as long as hoped for.

2) Scrub-it Store Multi-Purpose Scrub Sponges for Kitchen. 

Why Ribbon Scrubbies Are The Best Odor-Free Dish Scrubbers

A lot of consumers will turn to a product like this because of the promise of an effortless approach.
There are 6 pads here that all have an effective scouring pad for use on pots and pans.

They are also meant to be tough enough to “last more than a week”. Most users are happy with the performance and increased longevity.

The downside here is that the pads aren’t that nice to look at.
They are big, heavy-duty items that you are going to want to store in a cupboard once dried out.

Other companies, such as Ohanacrats, go for products with greater visual appeal.
You also have the use of microfiber and the problems experienced there. Microfibers can break away into water supplies and pollute our oceans.(gasp!)

3) Dish Scrubbie Dish Scrubber for Dishwashing (5 PK Mix) 

Why Ribbon Scrubbies Are The Best Odor-Free Dish Scrubbers

There are some companies that place a greater emphasis on the look of cloth.
You can set some “knitted” nets in all kinds of shapes that will look great beside the sink in a themed kitchen.

This set is a great example of the five pieces of fruit.
It is cute as a novelty item.
There are also some positive comments about the effect of the abrasive net on pots and pans.

However, the combination of the plastic net and the sponge inside does make it a little more difficult to reuse these dish scrubbies.
Some users find that they don’t dry out that quickly and can develop a little bit of mildew and odor if not cared for properly.

What makes our Odor-free Ribbon Dish Scrubbie so much better than the competition?

ribbon dish scrubbie

The products above all have their pros and cons.
The disadvantages to using these cloths and pads are why our specially-designed odor-free dish scrubber is so much more beneficial – both short-term and long-term.

When we look at the short-term use, it is important that you have a dish scrubbie that is effective on dirt with good foaming action, but not abrasive enough that it will damage your tableware.

From there, you need to be sure that you have a fast-drying material that won’t trap moisture and dirt, which is what makes them odor-free.

Finally, in the long-term, you need something you can clean and reuse time and time again.
This longevity allows for greater savings on materials and makes the product more environmentally friendly.

Ohanacrafts Odor-free Ribbon Dish Scrubbies offers the following benefits for this short-term and long-term appeal.

~ They use a clever ribbon design for a better surface area and greater foam production.

~ The material of the ribbon is soft enough not to cause any damage

~ They are machine washable for ongoing use

~ They are fast-drying to make them odor-free, as promised

~ They are also more attractive than a lot of other products.

This use of a fabric ribbon makes a massive difference when choosing the best dish scrubbers.

The plastic nets above have great abrasive properties and can generate a lot of foam, but they don’t keep their shape as well and aren’t as nice to touch.

The simple use of ribbons without the sponge core also means there are no risks of odor retention because they dry out so quickly

Our combination of mesh, ribbon and Swedish dishcloth also means you don’t have to worry about those synthetic plastics or dangerous microfibers entering the environment.

You can wash these again and again in a machine and get the same soft, bright, and effective scrubber.
They should last for at least six months.

Then there is the design. While the novelty items, such as the fruit, are a nice little gift for someone, they don’t always look that good for long.

Once an item loses its shape it isn’t so appealing.
Here, you don’t have that risk with the soft ribbon pads of our odor-free ribbon dish scrubbers. But, each pad is still attractive and the packs will look great in a bowl by the sink once dried out.

Buyers love our Peony and Carnation collections, which play into the floral look of the shapes of the scrubbers.
The Peony is more muted and pastel while the Carnation is a little brighter.

Choosing the best dish scrubbies for your kitchen.

In short, you need to be sure that you have a set of dish scrubbers where you always have something to hand that is clean, odor-free, and ready to handle dishes with ease.

Our fabric ribbon scrubbies are the ideal choice because of their hygienic properties, longevity, and their attractive look.

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